Why Dental Cleaning Is Important

There are many reasons why dental cleaning is important. When you don’t regularly brush and floss your teeth, a whole host of potential health problems can arise. Furthermore, dentists and dental experts can have a keen eye for hidden and hard to see dental care problems. In this article, I hope to outline the risks associated with not having regular dental cleaning visits. I will also explain the benefits to taking care of your teeth and regularly cleaning them

Risks When Not Cleaning

There are many risks associated with not taking care of your teeth. These vary in severity and can range from off putting to crippling and life threatening. The most commonly known risk associated with a lack of dental cleaning is the development of cavities. Cavities are caused by plaque which is an acidic substance that slowly causes tooth decay. The best way to prevent this build up on your teeth is by frequent cleaning and flossing.

Many things we ingest can stain our teeth, including tobacco, coffee and wine. After a while, the teeth can be stained yellow. This is usually coupled with bad breath as poor oral hygiene and oral health often means that bacteria takes up residency in your mouth and begins to grow.

If you leave it too long without dental cleaning, the cost of repairing and fixing any damage done to your teeth, gums and jaw can be extremely expensive (and painful). After a while, if your teeth have not been properly taken care of they can actually eventually rot to the point they fall out.


The benefits however aren’t just the avoidance of health problems. Regular dental cleaning helps keep your teeth looking fresh, clean and white. Because tooth and gum health is linked to heart health, regular cleaning has a ripple effect in keeping the heart healthy.

Nobody likes getting cavities, so regular dentist visits and thorough cleaning in between will dramatically minimize the chance of developing them. Some people avoid visiting because they view it as an unnecessary expenditure, but this is wrong. You ultimately save money in the long run as you won’t need to fork out for a full mouth reconstruction.

Another benefit that comes with dental cleaning (that others will be grateful for) is fresh breath. Bacteria can build up over time, turning your mouth into an agar plate. Poor dental hygiene is the leading cause of bad breath and getting a thorough clean at the dentist can often remedy it quickly!

Why Dental Cleaning Is Important | Hornsby Family Dental Care

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While it can be hard to remember sometimes, it is incredibly important to regularly clean and floss your teeth. The consequences of failing to take care of your teeth can be costly, painful and permanent. Plaque and tartar build up, tooth loss and gum disease are all possible without professional dental cleanings. Hornsby Family Dental Care are experts when it comes to good oral care. If you are looking for a qualified dental hygienist that provides professional dental cleanings, general dentistry and more, then you simply need to look no further than Hornsby Family Dental Care.

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