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How Often Should You Have A Dental Checkup

If you’re wondering how often you should get a dental checkup in Hornsby, you’re not alone! Many patients have questions about the frequency of dental visits. How often do you you really need to visit the dentist?  In this blog, the team at Hornsby Family Dental will answer this question, and help you understand why […]

Invisalign Clear Braces Vs. Traditional Braces

What’s Right For You? When it comes to orthodontic correction in Hornsby, you have more options than ever to get a straighter smile. Two of the most commonly used orthodontic treatments in Australia are traditional metal or ceramic braces, and Invisalign clear braces.  We offer both of these treatments at Hornsby Dental, and both Invisalign […]

Why Dental Cleaning Is Important

There are many reasons why dental cleaning is important. When you don’t regularly brush and floss your teeth, a whole host of potential health problems can arise. Furthermore, dentists and dental experts can have a keen eye for hidden and hard to see dental care problems. In this article, I hope to outline the risks […]